Ultichip, a trailblazer in communication semiconductors, facilitates customers in effortlessly accessing, tailoring, and deploying wireless infrastructure. 


 Ultichip specializes in providing SoC solutions for wireless and communication infrastructure, encompassing baseband and protocol processors, leveraging our distinctive Application Specific Instruction-set Processor (ASIP) technologies. Our SoCs are meticulously crafted to align with O-RAN specifications, catering to the requirements of base stations. By utilizing our SoCs, telecom equipment vendors can swiftly deliver costeffective and competitive products. Ultichip also offers comprehensive reference designs.

ABOUT Ultichip

   In addition to SoCs, Ultichip delivers micro, pico, and femto cells for OEM/ODMs based on our silicon solutions. Our customized offerings encompass integrated and distributed base stations, complete with corresponding software and firmware. Ultichip's solutions, characterized by low cost and low power consumption, play a pivotal role in enabling operators to curtail both CAPEX and OPEX.

    Ultichip is pursuing the limit of technology and the ultimate of products.