|Technical Support

  • The UC6040 SoC is a cost-optimized version of the UC6000 platform for home cell applications. It encompasses all functionalities from antenna to baseband and protocol processing. Typical application scenarios are home base station to enhance 5G & 4G real-time communication and connection security. The SoC interfaces to the transceiver through the JESD204B/C interface.  Additionally the SOC includes an integrated PLL for transceivers, eliminating external PLL cost.

|Application 1 - Femto Cell SoC- UC6040

|Application 2 - Integrated Cell SoC- UC6060

  • The UC6060 SoC is a high-performance version of the UC6000 platform, which optimized for integrated cells. It suits to base station of more active users and higher antenna output power. The integrated cell SoC UC6060 supports the 5G and 4G dual-mode. It encompasses all functionalities from antenna to baseband processing. UC6060 owns stronger protocol stack processing ability and up to 25Gbps backhaul interface attributed to 8 ARM cores. UC6060 is mainly used to supplement coverage blind spots, construct private network and enhance coverage hotspots, such as supermarkets, stadiums, ports, etc.

|Application 3 - Distributed Pico Cell SoC- UC6080

  • The UC6080 SoC is a scalable and pluggable version of the UC6000 platform for distributed Pico cells. It consists of all functionalities from antenna to baseband processing. The 25Gbps CPRI/eCPRI processor enables RRU from multi-vendors according to O-RAN fronthaul specifications and vendor specific requirements. Especially, the UC6080 can directly connect to UC1046 based RRU. Multiple UC6080s could be organized by the host processor through PCIe to increase sector number and capacity in a cell.